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Yeosu Hyangilam Festival

Yeosu Hyangilam Festival

Visitors of Hyangilam Temple on the last day of December is full of wishes.Closing a year and welcoming a new year by watching the new sunrise, they wish their earnest new year's resolution.

Yeosu Hyangilam Festival

Making the new years wishes with the sunrise is very sincere to Koreans. It's also similar to why moms make their wishes for their family with a bowl of water.

Beginning with the Korean traditional music festival, the Sunrise singing contest, orchestra, candlelight ceremony, new year's countdown, Watch-night bell ringing, fireworks, dance festival, family movie festival and so on are all the New Year's Eve events.

Before the sunrise with the cold wind, the Samulnoli (Korean traditional percussion music) wakes up the dawn.

It's followed by the ritual for the sunrise, sending wishes into the sky and on the water and an event of sharing words of blessing. Then at last you can see the first sunrise of the new year.

Yeosu Hyangilam Festival

The sun at the horizon comes up and the visitors let out exclamations. It's the best moment of the sunrise festival.The crowd of people make their wishes with two hands together, and photographers continuously click their shutters.

Yeosu Hyangilam Festival

That's how people welcome the new year and the keep their wishes with them. It's more like a worship for the visitors rather than a festival looking at their faces with great joy.

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